Thursday, 17 June 2021 01:05

Another Biden Reveal?

First he said he had the greatest election theft machine ever assembled, then stole the election before our eyes.  Now he tells us Covid-19 is about funding and distributing vaccines.  Confused mind?  Accidentally spilling the beans?  Or, as many of us suspected all along, this pandemic and reaction is and has always been about the vaccine.  Why? What is so special about the vaccine?  The vaccine is about identification, government power, authoritarian control, social credit systems, control, and more control.

They used fear of the virus, which is fear of death from the unseen and easily promoted, a dark fear in the subconscious of many, to control us.

They used masks to promote the narrative of fear.

They used masks to weaken our resolve.

They are breaking us down slowly.   

Step by step, our resolve weakens. 

Many believe the vaccine will end the lockdown oppression and protect us from our fear.

That is the deception.  The process is only just beginning. 

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